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            Do you have support for Tesla TVs in case of failure?

            The address of the authorized Tesla service is Tošin Bunar 130A, 11070 Novi Beograd; contact phones: +381 11 2096 702 and +381 11 2096 885; email address: servis@comtrade.com.

            What is the difference between a dead pixel and a hot pixel?

            A dead pixel is a black dot on the screen – it does not emit any light, and a hot pixel is constantly lit – it emits light in the same color. A screen that has a minimum of three dead pixels is treated as problematic, while a hot pixel has zero tolerance.

            How can I use the Netflix app on my Tesla Smart TV?

            Please activate your Netflix account in accordance with the standards set by Netflix.

            My Tesla Smart TV can’t show YouTube clips.

            Please check the time and date settings on your Tesla TV.

            I bought a Tesla android TV, but I can’t find a way to connect the gamepad console to the TV. Please help.

            Below is a step-by-step procedure:

            1. Connect the dongle (USB port from the gamepad) to the TV (USB port),
            2. Press the center button on the gamepad,
            3. Everything is ready to use.

            How do I set up subtitles on Tesla TV?

            Be sure to name the subtitles the same as the video file they come with, and make sure the subtitles are enabled with the “subtitle” option on the remote control.

            Where can I buy a new remote for my Tesla TV?

            You can buy the new original remote in authorized service in your country.

            We do not guarantee the correct operation of the TV if non-original equipment is used.

            Is it possible to share a picture from a phone on a Tesla TV?

            It is possible on Tesla TVs of any Smart series, via the appropriate applications that contain smartphones and tablets, depending on the model of the mobile device.

            Is it possible to connect the keyboard to a Smart Tesla TV?

            It is possible on Tesla TVs of any Smart series, as long as the keyboard has a USB port.

            What are premium benefits and what do I get with them?

            More details about premium benefits can be found on this link.

            After the purchase, the seller did not give me a warranty card. What should I do?

            Be sure to check whether the warranty card is in the device’s sales package. If not, request a warranty card from the seller, where you purchased the device. In the case of complaints, the only necessary document for the realization of your rights is the proof of purchase i.e. fiscal invoice.

            How do I know if my mobile device supports SIM or SD cards?

            On the back of the box you may find a list of options that your device supports. If support for SIM or SD card is specified, then it is possible to use them. Note the supported SIM card type and SD card capacity.

            Do I still have a valid warranty if my Tesla device is mechanically damaged?

            If the Tesla device is mechanically damaged, the right to warranty is lost. Mechanical damage also means damage caused by the influence of fluids or any external influence that is not in accordance with the operating instructions. By servicing the device and replacing defective components, your warranty conditions become valid until the expiration of the warranty period.

            Do you install original parts in your authorized service center and is the current warranty still valid after the service is completed?

            The parts we install are exclusively original. After the service is completed, the warranty is still valid.

            Why does my battery need to be replaced by an authorized service center?

            The battery replacement process at an authorized service center is the safest for the user, and does not change the further validity of the warranty period. By using non-original parts, you may adversely affect the proper operation of the device.

            When registering a new phone for premium benefits, the registration form does not accept my email address.

            Make sure you entered the proper format of the email address, as well as other information, necessary for successful registration.

            The battery on my mobile device is running out, it’s starting to turn off. What should I do?

            It is time to replace the battery on your device. Contact our authorized service center to have the battery replaced properly.

            My mobile device has recently started emitting warnings, that I haven’t noticed before. What can I do to fix the problem?

            It is possible that you have installed something that has disrupted the device. It is best to reset your phone to factory settings. We must mention that, by doing this, you are losing data from your phone, so you MUST save it, before resetting to factory settings: Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything

            I want to buy the equipment for my Tesla phone – cable, charger, silicone cover, etc.

            For all additional equipment, contact our authorized service in your country.

            Can my Tesla phone work abroad?

            All Tesla phones work on most networks in Europe and the Middle East.

            My phone doesn’t show all the contacts. How do I make all of my contacts visible simultaneously?

            In the Contacts, change the menu in the upper-right corner (shown as three vertically sorted points), choose “View contacts”, and then the first entry “All Contacts”.

            How can I verify that my Tesla phone has software updates?

            Any new updates should be displayed in the form of notification and the upper-left corner of the phone. If the notification has been removed, you can also manually check through the Settings, by following the path: Settings > About phone > Wireless update > Check for updates.

            Where can I find an instruction for using my Tesla device?

            On our web portal, in the section of the device, on the link: tesla.info. Choose the product group that you want, then the model, and at the end of the page you have the “User instruction” link.

            The specification says that the internal memory is 8 GB, but my phone says that only 4 GB is free?

            Memory is 8 GB, but on every phone, part of that memory occupies the operating system itself, as well as the installed applications. Memory can be expanded by a memory micro SD card.

            I have two cards in my phone, but I’d only use one of them for phone calls. Can I adjust it, so that I don’t have to choose between them every time?

            It is possible to choose a card that will be primary for calls: Settings > SIM cards > (Preferred SIM for) Calls > Select the desired card.

            Can I share the internet on other devices from my Tesla Smartphone device?

            It is possible to share your mobile internet, only. Hotspot is activated as follows: Settings > More > Tethering & Portable hotspot > Wi-Fi hotspot > ON.

            I want to fix my Tesla device. Do you have an authorized service?

            Yes, we have our own service center, and, for some product groups, we have a network of service partners for the whole Serbian territory. For more details, please visit link.

            What is the warranty period for Tesla devices?

            Warranty period for mobile phones, tablets, and AC units, is 24 months, for TVs is 36 months, while for the home appliances is 60 months. During frequent promotional activities of our sales team, we give extended guarantees, mostly up to 5 years. For more details, follow our website tesla.info. Note that warranty is not valid for mechanical damage.

            I’m having trouble charging Tesla’s mobile phone/tablet, what do you recommend?

            We recommend that you use only the original charger. If you are still experiencing the problem, contact the authorized service in your country.

            How do I turn on the internet on my Tesla device?

            Turn on Wi-Fi (Settings > Wi-Fi > ON). Choose one of the available networks, and connect by entering the appropriate password. You can activate your mobile data as follows: Settings > Data usage > Select the SIM card (if both are inserted) > Mobile data > ON.

            I forgot the password/code and I can’t unlock the phone. Please help me.

            To regain access to your phone in the case of a forgotten password, you need to do the Factory reset through Recovery menu: Turn off your phone > Turn on your phone by holding the Power and Volume up button for 7, 8 seconds > Choose option Recovery > Wipe cash partition > Wipe data/Factory reset > Reboot now. Note that this activity will result in deletion of all data stored on your device’s internal memory.

            Why are there no prices for Tesla devices on your website www.tesla.info?

            A web portal www.tesla.info is informative. You can find device pricing on our partners’ websites. You can view the list of all partners on the following link.

            How do I insert a SIM card and SD card into a Tesla device?

            Packaging of each of our devices contains a short instruction in which the correct SIM and SD card insertion is described.

            What do I need to do on my phone before sending it to an authorized service?

            Before you bring your device to the service, we suggest that you save your data and remove the protective codes, so that we can diagnose the malfunction, service, and test your device. We offer the option to save your data to a DVD or USB memory for you, at affordable prices.

            Where can I find a list of authorized Tesla AC service technicians?

            Please visit the following link to find the authorized service provider that suits you best: https://tesla.info/en/service

            How can I connect my AC unit to the application on my mobile phone?

            Scan the QR code with your mobile phone and open the application download page. After the successful completion of the application installation, perform the registration process, which includes entering the email address and login data (username and password). You will receive an email to confirm your registration.

            What can be controlled via the application on the mobile device?

            With the help of a smart application, it is possible to control all aspects of an AC unit: from basic options to individual or group AC units in one system.

            Does an AC unit turn off automatically when it reaches the desired temperature?

            Exactly. As the thermostat registers that the desired temperature has been reached, the AC unit goes to sleep mode and will reactivate again as needed.

            Do Tesla AC units have an ionizer and how to turn it on?

            All Tesla AC units have an ionizer that turns on automatically when AC unit is activated.

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