Bathroom scale - BS301WX Elegance and precision

Tesla bathroom scales are designed to fit into any interior, and created to provide precise measurements – with added smart features in certain models.

Capacity 3 KG - 180 KG
Color White - Inox
Unit Kg/lb
Auto shut off Yes
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Smart scale

Use the OKOK app to measure your weight and calculate BMI, gain insight into your fat, V fat, water, muscle and bone percentage, and many other parameters.

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Work out together

The scale can save relevant data and information for 8 different individuals.

Useful features

This Tesla scale has an easy-to-read display that turns on and off automatically, as well as “low battery” and “overload” indicators. Choose between two units of measurement (lb/kg).

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Comfort and durability

The scale’s 6 mm tempered glass platform provides exceptional durability and comfort. This Tesla device also boasts anti-skid feature to prevent slipping.

Elegant design

Tesla scales are elegantly designed to easily fit into any home interior, with clear lines and polished appearance.

Technical Specifications

3 KG - 180 KG
White - Inox
Auto shut off
Can save the data of 8 persons (age, size and sex), Measure BMI/ fat/ V-fat/ water/ muscle/ bone/ Calorie
Smart App
app: OKOK Internationa
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (mm) (W x H x D)
23x300x300 mm


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