Citrus juicers - CJ100WG When life gives you lemons…

A quickly-made lemonade, fresh orange or grapefruit juice? Not a problem with Tesla citrus juicers with two different sizes of citrus reamers.

Power 40 W
Color White-Green
Cone 2
Bowl capacity 700 ml

Vital vitamins

Citrus juicers are the perfect helpers in preparing vitamin drinks – and we all know how much vitamins are important for proper functioning or our body and our immune system.

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Different fruit sizes

Your favorite fruit might vary in size, which is why this Tesla device has two different-sized cones. It is now easy to squeeze all kinds of citruses.

Automatic start

Simply plug in the power cable, press the citrus fruit of your choice onto the cone, and leave everything else to Tesla juicer and its two-direction twist. The device is automatically activated when you apply pressure, so you don't have press any buttons

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Dust protection

If you haven't used your juicer in a while, it can accumulate dust. Luckily, this Tesla device has a dust protection cover, as well as a convenient cable storage area for easy handling.

Technical Specifications

40 W
Bowl capacity
700 ml
Bowl material
Cable length (cm)
85 cm
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (mm) (W x H x D)
141 x 205 x 200


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