Air fryer- AF701BXA healthier choice.

Experience guilt-free indulgence in your favorite crispy delights with our state-of-the-art air fryer, the perfect kitchen companion for healthier cooking, delivering the taste you love with less oil.

Capacity 7 L
Color Black - Inox
Power 1700 W
Control panel Digital
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360° hot air circulation

The air fryer uses hot air circulation to cook food, which makes it a healthier choice compared to conventional frying. The cooking process is quite fast, while the food remains crispy and delicious.

A large basket

Thanks to this Tesla air fryer and its large basket, you can easily cook enough food for your whole family, or a gathering of friends. Share those healthier, low-fat recipes with everyone!

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Temperature and time control

A LED touch screen makes it easy to control temperature levels (60 - 200°C) and cooking time: use one of the 12 preset programs, or customize settings to your needs and preferences.

Automatic shut-off

Once you set the cooking time, the air fryer will automatically turn off when it expires. You can set the timer for up to 60 minutes.

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“Preheat” and “Turn food”

Use the preheat function to warm up the appliance or defrost food: a tone will sound when the preheating is done. In selected programs, this device can also periodically notify you when it’s time to flip food over, for better cooking results.

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Useful features

This device is easy to clean, with non-stick coating, as well as a dishwasher-safe basket and a baking tray. It has overheating protection, and will also automatically shut down if the pot is removed.

Technical Specifications

7 L
Black - Inox
1700 W
Control panel
Touch screen
Temperature control
60-200C (90F-400F)
Time control
0-60 min
Oil-free cooking
Preset cooking programs
Easy cleaning


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