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With the arrival of colder days, the warmth of our homes is all we can think of. Check out why we recommend Tesla inverter AC units.

It is believed that inverter AC units are some of the most efficient products when it comes to energy consumption, because they use less energy – if you compare the heat they produce against other electrical energy-powered heating devices.  A 12 AC, for example, consumes 1,2 kW, but gives out 3,5 kW when cooling or heating.

When heating, all AC units are able to function properly in the weather up to minus 5 degrees Celsius. However, when buying AC intended for heating – you should choose inverter devices. The reason is simple: inverter AC units can function even with the outside temperature reaching minus 15 degrees Celsius.

This way, inverter AC saves energy, at the same time not allowing significant deviations from the set temperature.

Besides, the inverter technology is made so that the compressor functioning is adjusted to the reached temperature. At first, it works with full capacity. Later, as it’s approaching the set temperature, work intensity, consumption and RPM are decreasing, saving a significant amount of energy when compared to traditional AC units that work with full capacity all the time. This way, inverter AC saves energy, at the same time not allowing significant deviations from the set temperature.

AC units do not have any electrical heaters inside, as the rest of heating devices do. They use the effect of compressed gas, which is one of the reasons they are quite energy efficient.

As for choosing the right AC for a certain area, make sure to consider your needs:

  • how many rooms you want to heat,
  • what is the square footage of the heating area,
  • what is the height of the ceiling,
  • is the room on the sunny side,
  • what floor is the heating area on,
  • what is the room insulation like,
  • what is the number of persons likely to spend time in the room

Choosing to buy an inverter AC unit that will initially cost more, apart from greater possibilities and options, will also allow for less energy consumption. As with all electric devices, AC marked energy class “A” can achieve significant consumption savings. Every investment made to buy a new, better inverter AC unit, pays off through less energy consumption during later heating.

Even apartments up to 60 square meters in surface can be heated using an inverter – best using two such AC units, because there are likely more rooms to heat. Two AC units with 300-450 kWh consumption each can be a rational solution even for the coldest days.

There’s one thing you should never forget: to regularly clean the AC filters. Clean filters strongly affect its proper functioning.

Here’s some more advantages of inverter AC heating:

  • AC is the cheapest way of heating when compared to other electrical heating devices, gas, coal, woods, central city heating and oil;
  • You manage your AC using a remote, and you can also program it turning on or off;
  • There is no ash or asbestos dust;
  • It does not occupy a lot of space in your apartment;
  • It starts heating immediately after you turn it on – there is no need to heat up the furnace or accumulate energy overnight.

Look for Tesla inverter ACs, and secure a warm home and energy-efficient heating for yourself and your loved ones.

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