TV Series 3 - 65M325BUS Livin’ la VIDAA.

The new Tesla TV with VIDAA operating system: just a click and a step away from all the features you need!

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Fast action, instant reactions

Would you like a TV that instantly reacts to your every command? Great hardware and amazing VIDAA OS optimization make this Tesla model extremely fast: applications are working smoothly, without bugs or glitches, while switching between them only takes seconds. Enjoy great performance, with quick and easy sound and image settings in any app.

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Tailor-made enjoyment

Personalization could easily be another name for this Tesla model. Make the home screen your own, and adjust it to all your needs – for perfect enjoyment in your favorite TV content. Easily rearrange icons and apps, delete those you don’t need and add those you want: you can also add your favorite TV channels to home screen, and access them anytime with just one click.

A click away from everything

If you’re looking for a TV with great features and no complications, VIDAA OS model could be the right solution. Settings, channel search and scanning, application installing – all the features can be accessed very fast, and the steps are intuitive and logical. Also, this model is great for those who enjoy traditional TV channels, but still like to use popular content apps and platforms.

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Lock apps, options or ports

The hotel mode is especially useful for hotel or apartment owners, but also parents with little kids. This feature allows you to lock certain apps, options, inputs or even ports on the device: for example, you can lock the HDMI port, so children or hotel guests cannot connect a game console without you knowing. You can also define and “lock” various sound or image settings.

For five-star reviews

Tesla VIDAA OS model is a great choice for those in hospitality industry, thinking of every detail. With Hotel info display feature, you can select a photo or a greeting message to welcome your guests on the screen - adding to a superb first impression! Hotel info web page option allows you to set your business webpage, with all the useful information, to appear as soon as guests turn the TV on.

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Apps and additional features

This TV supports most of the popular apps: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Deezer, YouTube, YouTube Kids, EON TV… Enjoy Miracast feature, which allows you to “cast” the image from a phone or a computer to the big screen, easy search options with an on-screen keyboard, as well as all the possibilities of the official mobile app - which you can also use to control the device.

Technical Specifications

Smart OS
Screen size
Viewing angle
Audio power
2X10W box speakers


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