TV Series 6 - 65M613BUS As simple and convenient as TV is meant to be

A great picture quality on a screen size of your desire, perfect from every angle, without stuck or dead pixels? Those are Tesla TVs from series 3, 6 or 9!

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First Tesla webOS TV ever!

The first ever Tesla TV based on the webOS platform is created with one thing in mind – your convenience while enjoying television. With almost unlimited ways to personalize the system options to your needs, an incredible ease of use and simple adjustments, this device will quickly make you feel like you’ve never used any other. Add quality sound and an amazing UHD picture in the mix – and you’ve got it all!

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Introduction to webOS

webOS is an intelligent TV operating system, created to provide a great audio-visual experience while supporting TV broadcasting systems on the global market. It supports DTS, Dolby audio, HDR, HLG, as well as world's top content apps: Netflix, YouTube, Prime video etc. With a function called “Home dashboard”, you can easily manage all inputs, settings and connected devices.

Quality image, vivid colors

This TV’s operating system is built to integrate the enjoyment of traditional live TV with current mainstream online content, providing an amazing balance between live broadcasts and on-demand programs. All that without ever compromising on vivid colors and quality picture!

Limitless options

Multitasking? Not a problem with this Tesla TV, as it provides you with a possibility to split the screen so you can watch TV (or play games via console or PC connected by HDMI) and browse the Internet at the same time! Easily create shortcuts, move the apps around and access any settings, as well as change size, letters or the very position of subtitles.

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Connectivity matters

Connect the TV with your computer or phone wirelessly (Miracast, DLNA) to browse through it on the big screen, as well as manage the device using the TV remote. There’s an important game scheduled, but the kids are asleep? You have two options: use your Bluetooth headphones, or use ThinQ app to control the TV, transfer the sound to smartphone headphones and turn the volume up!

Let the music play

The new Tesla webOS TV will wow you with the amazing sound, but the Music player app elevates the experience of listening to favorite melodies to a whole other level. It allows you to play music even when the TV screen is off!

AI voice recognition system

The built-in ThinQ AI voice recognition system supports more than 13 different languages. From search options to menu functions, you can control the TV, look for any information, play music or browse through movies and TV shows just by speaking to the remote control.

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5GHz WiFi

Utilize all the possibilities of your WiFi router in combination with your smart TV potential! This Tesla TV comes with support for 5GHz WiFi networks, signaling that it is the perfect time to enjoy 4K streaming, a more stable connection and much faster Internet.

Magic remote

Use the magic remote as one device to replace two or more TV remotes you have around, never knowing which one you should use. You can zoom in on important details, scroll or move around, use hot keys or quick access buttons - easily set to automatically open certain apps. To manage devices connected to the TV (STB, DVD, audio system), the magic remote could be used much like a computer mouse.

Technical Specifications

Smart OS
Screen size
Viewing angle
Audio power
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