Humidifier - HU200WHWFeel-good indoor climate

Enhance your living space with our advanced humidifiers, designed to maintain optimal humidity levels for a healthier, more comfortable atmosphere, and experience the benefits of improved air quality and well-being.

Power 24 W
Color White
Tank Capacity 5 L
Functions High/Mid/Low Mist + Sleep mode
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Manage dry indoor air

Boosting the amount of moisture in the air, Tesla humidifiers are here to help you battle dry air in any room, and reach that perfectly comfortable humidity level! Gone are the days of dry skin and itchy eyes caused by excessively dry air: it’s time to relax, and enjoy spending time at home.

Feel your best

Tasked with taking care of optimal humidity levels, this device can also help you enjoy the smells you love all throughout the day! Simply add a bit of your favorite aromatherapy scent as per instructions, and you’ll feel soothing fragrances continually coming through the 360° rotating mist nozzle.

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Relax and unwind

In order to support all your daily needs and routines, the humidifier can work in three operating modes: high, mid, or low mist. It also has a special “sleep mode”, so you can enjoy your rest & reset time even more, as well as mood light feature - for that calming, relaxing atmosphere in the evening.

Class, comfort and convenience

This Tesla device can humidify 20-25 m3 per hour, with mist output of 300 ml/h, and a water tank of 5 liters. For your convenience, it will automatically switch off when the tank is removed, or if there’s no water left inside.

Technical Specifications

24 W
Tank Capacity
5 L
High/Mid/Low Mist + Sleep mode
Mist Output
300 ml/h
Mood Light
Coverage Area
20-25 m³/h
Control Buttons
Front and back
<36 db


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