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Regular washing of your duvets is important because, apart from enjoying in their cleanness and an amazing smell, they last longer if they’re properly taken care of. There’s no need to wash duvets very often, but the winter period is ideal to freshen them up and get them ready for the new season. It is recommended to wash duvets at least once, but maximum four times a year.

Maintenance of feather or wool filled duvets

The secret to washing duvets filled with feathers or wool is in the extra rinsing.

The remains of the detergent are sticking to the feathers, and over time reduce the duvet’s ability to fill with air and remain fluffy. Tesla washing machines have the possibility of repeated rinsing process, which helps you get completely clean laundry, with no detergent residue.

It is very important not to overload the washing machine, and not to wash any other piece of clothing or material while washing the duvet. This is because the weight of the duvet needs to be equally distributed inside the machine.

The washing process should look like this:

Place only the duvet into your Tesla washing machine. Choose the program for delicate/gentle materials (or the one used for wool clothing) and add a small amount of detergent without enzymes. Regular detergent contains enzymes which destroy or reduce the natural firmness of feathers. Be moderate with the amount of detergent used.Rinse the duvet throughout two cycles, to make sure all the detergent is gone.
Dry the duvet in a Tesla dryer set to the lowest temperature. This can last up to a couple of hours, but you’ll know the duvet is well dried.

There’s another trick: To make sure the filling stays fluffy, place a tennis ball into the dryer. This will prevent the feathers from clumping.

Maintenance of fiber-filled duvets

Similar washing instructions should be followed for duvets filled with fiber. Still, here you can use the regular detergent – but make sure not to use too much. You can wash these duvets at a temperature of 60 degrees, and end with a spin cycle. This way, you’ll be sure all the dirt is completely removed from the duvet.

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