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Home air quality has a big impact on the health of you and your family. We no longer need the basic signs that the air in our home is polluted – just the fact that our country belongs to the group of those who have the most polluted air in the world is more than enough for us to understand that clean and fresh air is more than a necessity.

In addition, Tesla air purifiers have integrated air quality sensors that you can use to monitor the current pollution level on LED icons which change their colour in accordance with the values of the world-renowned air quality index (AQI).

We have previously written about the way to quickly get rid of polluted and dry air. We have then determined that installing an air purifier is the most efficient way to improve indoor air quality. Let’s take a look at some tips which answer the question of how to properly and economically use an air purifier and thus provide the cleanest and freshest air to you and your family, and also save electricity.


Be sure to use a purifier of appropriate size for the room in which you want to place it. If you place an air purifier that is too strong in a room that is too small, it will work even when it is not needed, and thus consume more energy. So, for smaller rooms up to 22m2, choose the Tesla AIR3 purifier. It is also wrong to place a small air purifier in a large room that it cannot cover. If you make this mistake, you will have polluted air that is not sufficiently filtered, and you will basically not get any benefits from the air purifier. That is why we recommend the Tesla AIR6 purifier for rooms up to 36m2.


This is a key issue and a frequent dilemma. Of course, every home is different, so there is no one universal rule on where it should be placed. However, there are basic guidelines to follow to make the most of its potential.

Air purifiers need “breathing space”, so be sure to place it in a dry and clean area where it can function well. Do not place anything around the top and on all four sides, so that the air can circulate freely.

For better results, use an air purifier in places where you sleep, work or spend most of your time. The advantage of Tesla mobile air purifiers is that you can move them wherever you want, and always keep the air around you fresh. In addition, they have a Wi-Fi option, so you can turn on the air purifier from anywhere and anytime, using a smart app.

If the problem is dust or pet odour, place the purifier in the living room, and when you go to sleep, transfer it to the bedroom. If unpleasant odours are felt in the kitchen after food preparation, place it in the kitchen…

The main advice is to always keep it close to the source of pollution, but other things should be considered. If you place the air purifier near the door, it will catch all unwanted particles in the air at the entrance and will not allow pollution to enter your home.

An air purifier will work best when installed in an open space that allows free air flow from all sides. In such a position, it can draw air from all directions and provide the best performance.

Where should you never place the air purifier?

If you put it in a corner, it may be too weak to draw air from another corner of the room and leave polluted air in that area.

It is also important not to place the air purifier behind any furniture, under the table and in any other hidden space in your apartment. It is not convenient to place it on a cabinet or on a shelf, because you will make better use of the Tesla air purifier performance if it is placed on the floor.

If you want to place an air purifier in the bedroom, it should be at least 2m away from your head, because the air should not go directly into your face. It would be best to filter the air around the bed, so a good position would be around your feet, if there is enough space for it to “breathe” freely.


Like air conditioners, air purifiers cannot operate at full capacity with open doors and windows. When using an air purifier at home, be sure to close all doors and windows and check that they are sealed well. Of course, you can occasionally, and preferably, ventilate the room, but it is important not to do that while the purifier is on.


While you’re keeping the windows open to ventilate smoke or other particles, it is not necessary to turn on the air purifier.

If you are using it in the bedroom during the night, turn it on just a few minutes before bed. Turn it off when you leave the apartment, or simply set the timer on the Tesla air purifier. This also applies, in general, to the time you spend outside of the apartment.

In addition, removing dust and vacuuming regularly can also help reduce the time required for the purifier to work, thus lowering the amount on your electricity bills.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider adjusting the use of the air purifier according to the season. Spring and summer are the times when the amount of pollen and other pollutants is probably the highest, so the purifier should work a little longer than during other times of the year.


Cleaning and replacing the filter helps the device work properly and improves its longevity. Do not allow them to become completely clogged with contaminants.

Tesla air purifier filters are extremely efficient and permanently trap polluting particles, taking care that both you and those you love spend time in a healthier environment. To maintain optimal performance, it is recommended to replace the filter approximately every six months. Don’t worry: the filter replacement indicator is there to remind you when it’s time. In the meantime – breathe with ease.


– Did you know that some houseplants also have the air purifying function? Some plants can filter common volatile organic compounds, which are by-products of chemical-based cleaners. One of these plants is Aloe Vera.

– HEPA air filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) is the most efficient filter available today. It manages to retain as much as 99.97% of even the smallest particles 0.3 microns in size. Its appearance is reminiscent of a harder paper folded into an accordion, but it is actually made of fiberglass. The advantages are that it removes many harmful particles in any enclosed space, such as: dust mites, pollen, dandruff, mould. It is especially important that it does not produce ozone, or other harmful by-products.

– The activated carbon filter is made of coconut shells, wood, or charcoal. It contains a huge number of small pores between carbon atoms that can trap various odours, gases and chemically suffocating vapours. It is extremely important because it is an ideal solution for neutralizing various odours and gases. Like the HEPA filter, it does not produce ozone and other harmful by-products.

– When renovating your home, keep in mind that it is easier to clean hard floors and reduce the percentage of harmful particles they retain, than to do the same with carpets. In the living room and bedroom, use blinds instead of curtains to attract less dust.

– The main air pollutants include:

  • Primary and secondary suspended particles (Particulate matter – PM)
  • Sulphur dioxide – SO2
  • Nitrogen oxides – NOx
  • Ammonia – NH3
  • Volatile organic compounds – VOC
  • Methane – CH4
  • Ozone – O3
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