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Have you ever ruined your favorite piece of clothing because of a stained iron plate?  Here are a few tips for maintaining your iron so that it stays in top working condition for as long as possible.

Regular cleaning:

Proper iron maintenance begins with regular cleaning. Accumulated fabric residues or limescale created from water left on the the ironing board can damage the iron plate, and therefore your clothing. The Internet provides you with lots of tips on how to remove deposits from the board, however, many of them suggest using abrasive cleaning products that can easily damage the plate. So, our advice is to choose a Tesla iron with a ceramic non-stick plate with an added function that prevents the accumulation of limescale — Less work for you and less worry. 😉

Watch the temperature:

Adjusting the temperature of the iron to the type of fabric you are ironing is an important step to avoiding damaging your clothes. Be sure to interpret the symbols on the clothing labels and adjust the temperature of the iron according to the manufacturer’s instructions (see the complete guide to the correct temperature for ironing clothes). Too high a temperature can burn delicate materials, while temperatures not high enough will fail to effectively remove deep creases.

How to correctly fill the water compartment:

When filling the water compartment, try to avoid overfilling it. If you are bothered by the drip that later occurs during ironing, the Tesla iron has an anti-drip function, which prevents water from leaking and leaving annoying wet stains that remain on bedlinen, shirts and other clothes during ironing.

Do not leave the iron on unattended:

Safety is important when it comes to ironing. Never leave the iron on unattended. In addition to being dangerous, prolonged heating can lead to premature damage to the iron. If you tend to forget to turn the iron off, the good news is that the Tesla iron has an automatic shutdown function!

If you leave the iron horizontally on the surface, or if it falls on its side, it will automatically turn off after 30 seconds. If the iron is left turned on while upright, it will turn off after 8 minutes, if not moved.

Protection from dust and moisture:

Store the iron in a place where it is protected from dust and moisture. Dust can block the openings in the iron plate, while moisture can cause corrosion. Using a suitable case or storage box is a good way to keep your iron protected and functional.

Watch out for the cable:

This part of the iron is also very important but often neglected. Make sure that the electrical cable is in good condition and avoid twisting or bending it. If you notice damage to the cable, replace it immediately to avoid the risk of electric shock!


The proper maintenance of your iron is not only beneficial for extending its lifespan, but is also crucial for ensuring safe and efficient ironing. With this list of tips, your iron will be your faithful ally in keeping your clothes crease free and fresh. What remains is to choose your desired Tesla iron with functions that best serve your requirements so you can get the ironing out of the way in order to get up to more engaging activities during your day. 😊

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