Front-loading washing machines - WF81490MS Strong and beautiful.

Tesla washing machines are your elegant and sophisticated washing experts, ready to tackle any amount of dirty laundry – but with style!

Washing Capacity 8 kg
Spin Speed 1400
Depth (cm) 55.5
Energy class B
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Inverter motor

This Tesla laundry machine has a brushless inverter motor, which can save you up to 70% of energy, lower the noise levels by 10.4%, and last for more than 10 years. Choose increased energy efficiency and shorter average washing time with this fast, quiet and reliable device!

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Expert cleaning and sanitizing

Our new Steam Care feature generates warm steam you can see inside the drum before the main part of certain washing cycles - which results in expert cleaning and sanitizing, as well as better washing performance. This device also has a program that can help you eliminate harmful bacteria, by washing clothes at a temperature of 60 °C for more than 30 minutes, as well as an anti-crease feature.

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Wool program

If you love wearing wool, you’ll know how important it is to wash these clothes properly, so they don’t shrink or rip during the cycle. Our washing machines are Woolmark-certified, which means we are experts in caring for wool garments: thanks to an especially gentle washing program, with longer pauses, your favorite pieces will be as soft and beautiful as when you first bought them.

Baby care

All the parents out there will know how important it is to clean baby and children’s clothes thoroughly, in order to reduce any possible negative effect on the little ones’ health. With our baby care feature, the water inflow increases during each rinsing stage in order to completely remove any possible detergent residue – all to protect and care for our little boys and girls.

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Night mode

If you’re used to washing your clothes at night, or you simply want the device to be even quieter than usual, make sure to use our specially designed night mode. Once this feature is activated, the spin speed will decrease and the drum will spin more gently, making the operation silent throughout the cycle. It might take a little bit longer, but it’s completely worth it!

Diamond-shaped drum pattern

With this series, we were also focused on improving Tesla washing machines’ drums, in order to provide a 360° professional care for your clothes. The new inside pattern helps the machine remove stains quickly and efficiently, as well as reduces the possibility of tearing. Also, the machine has a light indicator that will remind you when it’s time to run a drum self-cleaning cycle.

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Soil level feature

This useful option helps Tesla washing machines adjust cycle settings in accordance with soil levels of different clothing items. Essentially, this feature allows you to indicate the amount of dirt on your laundry, so the machine can set the program accordingly. For example, if you indicate heavily soiled laundry, the device will prolong washing time, increase RPM etc.

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Touch screen

Compared to traditional buttons, touch screens last longer, and they also improve machine’s overall accessibility and aesthetics. When it comes to this specific Tesla device, LED digital display helps you keep a close eye on the washing process, allows you to preset the start time, keep track of all the important cycle information, and enjoy many other useful features.

Technical Specifications

Washing Capacity
8 kg
Spin Speed
Depth (cm)
Energy class
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm)
595 × 565 × 850
Number of programs
Delay start
Yes (24 hours)
Noise level (spinning)


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