Front-loading washing machines - WF81480T Take care of your family

Standard front-loading washing machines will take care of whatever your family needs. Find our own perfect Tesla device at an affordable price!

Height 850
Depth 530
Width 600
Washing Capacity 8 kg
Spin Speed 1400
Depth (cm) 53
Energy class A

Energy class A

According to the new energy efficiency labels, this device belongs to the highest energy class, A. Using devices with high energy efficiency ratings is good for the environment: with this Tesla washing machine, you get to save both energy and money, as well as contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

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Expert cleaning and sanitizing

Our new Steam Care feature generates warm steam you can see inside the drum before the main part of certain washing cycles - which results in expert cleaning and sanitizing, as well as better washing performance. This device also has a program that can help you eliminate harmful bacteria, by washing clothes at a temperature of 60 °C for more than 30 minutes, as well as an anti-crease feature.

Inverter motor

This Tesla laundry machine has a brushless inverter motor, which can last for more than 10 years, help you save energy, and reduce the noise while the machine is running a cycle. Choose increased energy efficiency and shorter average washing time with this fast, quiet and reliable device!

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Intelligent washing

This washing machine can automatically tailor the cycle settings according to the weight of the load and a variety of other factors, making the process even more convenient. Smart sensors keep track of various aspects, such as temperature level, water level, load balance etc.

Diamond-shaped drum pattern

In order to provide a 360° professional care for your clothes, the new drum pattern helps the machine remove stains quickly and efficiently, as well as reduces the possibility of tearing. Also, the machine has a light indicator that will remind you when it’s time to run a drum self-cleaning cycle.

High temperature cleaning

You can wash certain items made of cotton or linen at 90-95°C, which results in expert cleaning and helps with bacteria removal, protecting the health of your family. Make sure to use high temperature cycles only when washing cotton, towels, and similar sturdy items.

Technical Specifications

Washing Capacity
8 kg
Spin Speed
Depth (cm)
Energy class
Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm)
Number of programs
Delay start
Noise level (spinning)


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