Built-in dishwashers - WDI490M Hidden allies

You don’t have to see it to know it’s working. A built-in dishwasher saves space and gives you the helping hand you need in the kitchen.

Wash capacity 10
Number of programs 7
Energy class E
Noise Leve 44 dB

The light indicator

You’ll always know when the machine has finished the washing program, thanks to the light indicator – LED light projected on the floor. This feature is quite useful for built-in dishwashers, as the control panel in these devices is hidden, so when the program is finished, the led indicator lights up and flashes 5 minutes after the program ends, then turns off.

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Dual-zone wash

A great feature if you have dishes that require different washing power levels: place very soiled pots and pans in the bottom basket, and other dishes in the upper one. Once you activate this option, the spray pressure in the bottom part will intensify, while the maximum program temperature will be held longer.

Electronic Aqua-stop & OverFlow Protection

Thanks to the Electronic Aqua-stop & OverFlow Protection features, Tesla dishwashers can automatically stop working and pump the water out if a leakage is registered, in order to prevent flooding. This means you can turn the machine on and leave the house without worrying!

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Delay Start

Did you know you can schedule the dishwasher start time up to 24 hours in advance? Each time you press the button, the start is delayed for an hour. This way, you can set the washing to begin at any part of the day – even when you’re not at home – and plan your activities more freely.

Extra drawer

We’ve included an extra drawer for cutlery or objects that are typically difficult to store, namely long cutlery, so you can wash more in a single load.

Extra drying

For all those dishes that need extra drying, we’ve added an additional useful option that is compatible with Intensive, Universal, ECO, Glass and 90 minutes programs. It allows you to customize the washing cycle and adjust it to different needs, as well as avoid the dishes coming out covered in water droplets.

Technical Specifications

Wash capacity
Number of programs
Energy class
Noise Leve
44 dB
Delay start
1-24 h
Half load
Dimensions (cm)
44.5×57×81.5 (LxWxH)


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