Single door refrigerators - RS0880H Where your favorite food lives

Your favorite food has found its new home in Tesla single door refrigerators! Choose the one that best fits your needs, and let hedonism take the wheel.

Net volume (l) 88
Energy class F
Net volume fridge 88
Noise level 39

Adjustable glass shelf

For added convenience and flexibility, you can adjust the glass shelf to the height you want. If there’s no room for a large dish you need to put inside, simply move the shelf up!

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Reversible door design

Did you know your device can be opened to the left or the right, depending on your kitchen habits and needs? Simply install the magnetic rubber door the way you want.

R600A refrigerant

This refrigerant absorbs the heat faster when compared to other gasses, enabling a more energy-efficient cooling. Choose lower impact on global warming, and save money in the long run!

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Energy Class F

According to the new energy classification, this refrigerator belongs to class F. Compared to other appliances, this refrigerator consumes less electricity, so it protects the environment and saves money through lower electricity costs. Our appliances are equipped with excellent thermal insulation, improved door protection, first-class cooling system components, and electronic controls that reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

Technical Specifications

Net volume (l)
Energy class
Net volume fridge
Noise level
Dimensions (mm)
480×450×850 (W×D×H)


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