Side-by-side refrigerators - RM5300FHB A kingdom of taste

Entering your own kingdom of taste whenever your open Tesla side-by-side refrigerator. Thanks to practical storing solutions, you won’t get lost inside!

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Dual inverter motor

Choose great temperature precision and consistency with Dual inverter technology: an innovation that helps you significantly reduce energy consumption and noise levels.

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Multi Air Flow system

Keeping a constant temperature in the fridge is important, which is why Multi and DynaCool Air Flow systems distribute the air evenly into every part of the device, keeping it constantly ideal.

Convertible zone

With our variable temperature compartment, a dedicated part of the machine can be conveniently used as a freezer or a fridge – whatever you choose.

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Total No Frost

Thanks to smart and adjustable sensors, you’ll forget all about manual defrosting! Enjoy all the benefits of Total No Frost technology, save energy and time you’d otherwise spend cleaning.

Super freezing & cooling

Use super freezing feature when storing food in the freezer, so it keeps all the nutrients - and super cooling when you want drinks you’ve just put in the fridge to be cold very fast.

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Metal cooling

Metal cooling technology maintains the desired temperature in the refrigerator, thanks to a metal panel sheet on the back side. It also helps with faster cooling and higher humidity levels.

Technical Specifications


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