Built-in refrigerators - RI2500H Built-in elegance

You need more space in the fridge, but also an elegant solution for every kitchen interior? Tesla built-in refrigerators – practical and stylish.

Net volume (l) 179 + 70
Energy class F
Freezing capacity (kg/24h) 3.2
Freezer drawer number 3
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Built-in device

Apart from keeping your food fresh, this Tesla built-in fridge is made to perfectly fit into any kitchen interior - it’s cleverly hidden when you look from the outside, and elegantly designed inside.

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Super freezing

Use the super freezing feature when you’re storing food in the freezer: this option makes different groceries freeze even faster, so all the necessary nutrients remain intact.

Electronic controls

This Tesla device has electronic controls, which means you can simply set desired temperature, as well as easily activate other useful features and options.

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LED light

LED light lasts longer when compared to conventional lighting, and it enables more efficient and reliable inside illumination - so you can easily see every corner of the fridge.

Adjustable glass shelf

You can adjust the glass shelf to the height you want, for additional convenience and flexibility. If there’s no room for a large dish you need to put inside, simply move the shelf up!

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Door alarm

A beeping signal will sound if you leave the refrigerator door open for longer than is recommended, reminding you to close it and stop the warm air from raising the inside temperature.

Technical Specifications

Net volume (l)
179 + 70
Energy class
Freezing capacity (kg/24h)
Freezer drawer number
Net volume fridge
Net volume freezer
Noise level
Dimensions (mm)
575 x 560 x 1840 (WxDxH)


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