French door refrigerators - RF5200FMA A kingdom of taste

Entering your own kingdom of taste whenever your open Tesla side-by-side refrigerator. Thanks to practical storing solutions, you won’t get lost inside!

Net volume (l) 341 + 171
Cooling technology Total NO Frost
Energy class E
Freezing capacity (kg/24h) 14
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Metal Cooling

Metal Cooling technology accumulates and maintains the desired temperature within the refrigerator. A metal panel sheet on the back side of the refrigerator aids in maintaining a steady temperature. By separately adjusting the temperature of the fresh food compartment, the device provides high energy efficiency, with faster cooling and higher humidity levels, allowing the natural moisture in the food to be retained for longer.

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Radar Sensor

Radar Sensor is the solution whose function is to automatically register any temperature change inside the refrigerator. The device detects internal temperature differences caused by the heat of the food, for example, and transmits the information to the inverter, which then increases operation and balances the temperature. In this way, the radar sensor adjusts the internal temperature, making it constant and preventing fluctuations.

Total No Frost

Total No Frost is a function based on the circulation of cold air that reduces humidity and prevents the accumulation of frost on the food in the refrigerator and ice on the walls of the freezer compartment. The refrigerator and freezer compartments have separate airflow so that odors cannot mix between the compartments. Unlike conventional systems, Total No Frost cools both separate units faster.

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Humidity control

The drawer with a separate Humidity Control slider, which allows the user to adjust the air circulation and humidity level for longer food freshness, works by controlling the airflow to the contents. The purpose of this drawer is to create an environment conducive to storing and extending the shelf life of fruit and vegetables and other delicate foods.

Multi-Air Cooling

Multi Cooling is a function that ensures even cooling of all food in every corner of the appliance through air circulation. Food retains its flavor, color, texture, and nutritional value for longer. Strategically placed vents and sensors constantly monitor conditions in the refrigerator and surround your food with cool air.

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Inverter Compressor

The Inverter Compressor is a part of the refrigerator that operates at a variable speed, which it adjusts depending on the outside temperature and the internal load of the refrigerator. By working in this way, the inverter compressor allows the appliance to operate extremely quietly, ensuring uninterrupted cooling while reducing temperature fluctuations and power consumption, while significantly extending its lifespan compared to a conventional motor.

Technical Specifications

Net volume (l)
341 + 171
Cooling technology
Total NO Frost
Energy class
Freezing capacity (kg/24h)
Freezer drawer number
Net volume fridge
Net volume freezer
Noise level
Dark Inox
Dimensions (mm)
833 x 648 x 1898 (WxDxH)


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