Split-TGTP-16HMDB3High efficiency heating & cooling

A great solution for all your heating and cooling needs: eco-friendly, highly efficient, with improved safety and durability.

Energy class A++/A++
Capacity BTU 16
Refrigerant type R32
Noise level 70 dB

One system, multiple benefits

The heat pump system can provide you with efficient heating during the winter, powerful cooling in the summer, and hot water throughout the whole year. Lower your energy costs with an improved, environmentally friendly option for heating and cooling, and enjoy optimal home temperature regardless of the season!

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Wide operation range

Thanks to a high compression ratio compressor, a large heat exchanger, and highly precise system controls, Tesla heat pump is able to maintain normal operating functions at various temperatures. Cooling features will work properly in outside temperatures of up to 46℃, heating will work normally even at -28℃, while maximal water outlet temperature is 60℃.

Air-source system

Based on air to water heat pump technology, Tesla heat pumps can transfer the heat inside, where it is used to heat your home, provide you with hot water etc. This energy is also used for cooling when necessary. Compared to other technologies, heat pumps extract up to 75% of the energy they need to operate from the ambient air.

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Hydronic module

When the gas changes its physical state, the energy is transferred from the outside unit to the hydronic module, where it heats the water that goes into the system. The heat is then transferred into your home through various terminals, depending on the equipment you use: for example, wall-mounted radiators, convectors, underfloor heating systems, fan coils etc.

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Connectivity options

You can personalize the system to your needs: for example, you can connect it to a room thermostat, or to a 2-way valve or a 3-way valve in order to change the water flow direction. If the system is connected to a booster heater, you can control the domestic hot water tank heater, and there are also options to connect an additional water circulation pump or an alarm system.

Environmentally friendly

Not only are heat pumps a great solution for your heating and cooling needs, but these devices also require less maintenance, offer improved safety and durability, and are more environmentally friendly. R32 is a highly eco-friendly refrigerant - with 0 ODP, 675 GWP and low carbon footprint, it has a lower impact on the environment.

Technical Specifications

Energy class
Capacity BTU
Refrigerant type
Noise level
70 dB
Nominal cooling capacity (KW)
Nominal heating capacity (KW)


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