Inverter AC - TM70AF21-2432IAW Energy-efficient technology

Advanced technology in service of your desired air temperature! Rely on Tesla Inverter AC units with eco refrigerants and a plenty of useful functions.

Energy class A++/A+
Capacity BTU 24000
Refrigerant type R32
Noise level 28 dB
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Be perfectly comfortable

Let us present advanced technology in service of your desired room temperature: Tesla air conditioners, inspired by your everyday needs and favorite spaces. Regardless of the season, Tesla AC units will provide you with a perfectly comfortable atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy every moment with the people you love.

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I feel / Follow me

With Tesla, air conditioning becomes innovative and intuitive. Due to a temperature sensor in the remote, the air conditioner automatically adjusts its operating status. This useful feature offers a smarter and easier method of maintaining optimal room temperature.


The air conditioner is able to monitor its operations and identify problematic or faulty parts automatically. If that happens, a fault code appears on the display, making maintenance easier and more efficient.

Anti-rust cabinet

A galvanized sheet and six layers of antirust coating ensure that the air conditioner’s outdoor unit continues to look good as new, even after extended exposure to sunlight and rain.

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Hidden LED display

The unit display is cleverly hidden in within the panel, keeping a simple and stylish appearance that complements your choice of interior design. LED display is easy to access, yet tucked away for maximum aesthetic appeal.

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Wi-Fi function

The Wi-Fi function means that Tesla air conditioner can also be controlled with mobile phones or other smart devices. It adds to your everyday convenience and flexibility, and keeps you from spending ages looking for the remote that fell behind the couch!

Breeze away

Specific louver design allows for cool air to go through micro holes, there to help generate gentler air flow coming from the air conditioner. Say goodbye to harsh cold wind, and welcome a soft flow from your AC unit!

Technical Specifications

Energy class
Capacity BTU
Refrigerant type
Noise level
28 dB
Nominal cooling capacity (KW)
Nominal heating capacity (KW)
Annual consumption – cooling (kWh/a)
Annual consumption – heating (kWh/a)
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