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Innovative technologies are constantly raising customer standards to a higher level. Refrigerators today have to offer much more than classic food storing and preserving functions. Large capacity, easy access, smart sorting of food by zones and No Frost technology are just some of the conveniences refrigerators offer, dictated by the modern age.

Our advice is to never settle for a refrigerator that does not have No Frost technology! Due to the hectic nature of daily life, it is quite certain that you do not have time for household appliance maintenance. No Frost technology will certainly make refrigerator maintenance easier, because it does not require defrosting, thus saving your energy and time.

How does No Frost technology work?

Conventional refrigerators cool the interior with large temperature differences between the top and bottom storage areas (up to 5 degrees), which reduces the quality of food and the length of its shelf life.

Total No Frost technology evenly cools the refrigerator interior. This means that every part of the refrigerator, as well as every shelf, has the same temperature and air humidity. By leveling the temperature differences, the formation of condensation and ice is completely avoided.

What are the advantages of No Frost refrigerators compared to self-defrosting ones?

A great advantage of these devices lies in their econonomy, because they consume less energy than ordinary refrigerators with ice deposits, so more energy is needed to achieve a satisfactory temperature and proper distribution of cold air.

Refrigerators and freezers with these technologies are easy to maintain. Just empty the fridge and clean it, without waiting for the ice to melt.

No Frost refrigerators and freezers have a fresh zone where the temperature is lower than in the rest of the refrigerator. It is used for sensitive foods such as fruit, fish and cured meat products, preventing them from drying out.

Also, refrigerators with No Frost technology do not create ice and there is no retention of odors. The inside air is always fresha dn filled with pleasant smell no matter how much and how many different foods you have in the fridge. In addition, frozen foods will not stick and there are no ice particles or frost on them.

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