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A healthy sports lifestyle requires maximum dedication, not only during practice and matches, but in all aspects of everyday life.

For elite athletes, victories are only the final piece of the puzzle. In order to win, they must take care of their lifestyle on and off the court, control their habits and be persistent in their routines. That primarily refers to quality nutrition.

The best advice on choosing the meals can be given by those who are at the peak of their career!

So, read about the dishes Panathinaikos basketball players prefer, that provide them with enough energy and strength.


Panathinaikos basketball players need to be careful not to make their meals too big, but on the other hand, to provide them more energy and keep their bodies full for as long as possible.

Scrambled Eggs Burrito

This is the favorite breakfast of Nemanja Nedović, point & shooting guard of the famous Greek basketball club. The dish doesn’t require many ingredients. Loaded with eggs, it’s high in protein and can be eaten by those who watch their weight. The addition of cheddar cheese in the burrito makes it even more delicious. Don’t forget to pair a cup of tea with this dish to get the best flavors possible.

Avocado Salad

On the other hand, PAO shooting guard Howard Sant-Roos chooses an avocado salad for lunch. Grilled Avocado Chicken Salad with lime is the perfect option for any day. Healthy, full of protein, and easy to make. All you have to do is chop the avocado, add the grilled chicken, pour over the light lime or lemon juice, season and add tomato, cucumber or other vegetables and greens you like. This quick Salad is nutritious and filled with yummy flavors! The best thing is that you can prepare it the day before and put it in the fridge, which will allow the flavors to mix, so the salad will be even sweeter and juicier.

Salmon with asparagus

It is best to end the day with a light meal and that is why PAO power forward Okaro White chooses fish for dinner. Salmon and Asparagus is the best possible combination that you can quickly prepare after an evening workout or walk, or reheat if already prepared. Salmon is nutritionally one of the highest quality foods we can eat. It can be prepared in several ways, and thanks to the amount of fat, it is always juicy and tasty. Salmon fat is one of the most important quality nutrients this fish provides and it is actually very good for your heart.

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