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Follow these instructions for proper air conditioning use and avoid high bills.

How to avoid excessive electricity consumption during the hot months when our air conditioning is operating almost constantly – this question has become more relevant every summer. We know that it is impossible to endure tropical summer days without air conditioning which creates a pleasant home environment, so we would like to tell you about several ways of rational and optimal use of these devices.

Windows and the natural air flow

prozori i prirodna ventilacije budjenje u rashladjenoj sobiIf you live in a climate with cooler nights, be sure to turn off the air conditioning after dark, open the windows and let the fresh air cool the rooms. In the morning, close the windows and draw the blinds in order to keep the freshness in the home as long as possible, and turn on the air conditioning only when it gets really hot. Also, keep in mind that blinds and awnings prevent the sun rays from coming into direct contact with the window panes, thus preventing excessive heating.

Make sure to set the optimal temperature

One of the most common reasons why your air conditioning consumes more electricity is setting the temperature too low. Statistics show that most consumers set their units at 21 to 23 degrees. No matter how used you are to this level, experts advise to set the temperature to 24 or 25 degrees. Your body will not feel this small difference and you will still be comfortable, but you will save on electricity consumption: your bills can be 10 to 25 percent lower.

Choose the right operating mode

Whether you have a standard or an inverter air conditioner, each model has a cooling option: Cool mode. In this mode, the compressor operates at the set temperature and fan speed corresponding to that level. This means that setting a lower temperature will increase electricity consumption. On the other hand, Fan mode uses only the fan to operate, while the compressor is turned off. This way, you can achieve significant savings. However, you must know that with this mode you won’t be able to additionally cool the room. Dry mode is especially useful in cities closer to the sea which have a high level of humidity. It is also excellent for use in continental climates on days with high air humidity. Thanks to this option, you will eliminate excess moisture and make the air in your home healthier. At the same time, you will save energy, because the fan and compressor work at lower speeds.

Cooling system maintenance

Regular cleaning of the air conditioner is very important for multiple reasons. Inefficient operation inevitably leads to an increase in electricity costs, because it takes more time to reach the set temperature. The filters collect dust and other harmful substances which can reduce the air flow if the device is not cleaned. That’s why a careful wash is required every month.

A few more tricks for more efficiency

odrzavajte rashladne sisteme klima u sobiDo not place lamps and TVs near air conditioners, as they radiate heat. In general – avoid turning on lamps and other lights during the day, because they additionally heat up the space. Also, avoid using a tumble dryer during the summer months, as well as drying your laundry indoors. Instead, spread your laundry out to dry. It is not only more energy efficient, but also healthier, because you do not create moisture and steam in the rooms where you spend your time.

Minimize the use of devices that generate additional heat, such as irons and hair dryers.


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