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If you haven’t yet made a selection of your summer clothes, do not despair, it is not too late to organize your wardrobe for the upcoming autumn / winter season.

There is a lot you can do at this time to adequately prepare for the upcoming colder months. Here are some simple and useful tips to help you organize your wardrobe for the winter.

  1. Arrange your wardrobe: item stacking

Slaganje zimske garderobeSince these are items of clothing that have been in the closet for several months, we first recommend refreshing them through a quick washing program. In the cold months, it is more than useful to have a washer dryer combo, which we wrote about in one of our previous blogs.

A bit of a challenge with wardrobe organization for the winter period is that it is bulky and will inevitably take up additional space in your wardrobe. This also means you will have to be creative when arranging and storing sweaters, knitted dresses, velvet pants and scarves.

It is best to stack knitted wardrobe neatly on shelves or in deep drawers which will provide good insight into the clothes you have at your disposal. If you have a large collection of scarves and shawls, you can free up storage space and provide better visibility by stringing several items from this group on one hanger.

  1. Throw away clothes you no longer wear

Slaganje zimske garderobeOne of the things we advise you to do when removing summer clothes is a thorough selection of items you need and the ones you don’t. Many of us tend to keep the clothes we no longer wear for sentimental reasons.

That’s why you need to take everything out of your wardrobe, go through your clothes and find things you haven’t worn in a long time, either because they don’t suit you anymore, are not trendy or they simply don’t bring you joy anymore. Then do the same with your winter wardrobe. Be honest with yourself: is this the clothes you love and like to wear, or is there simply no place for it in your life anymore?

The idea is to choose a limited number of clothing items to wear, and put the rest of the clothes away until next season. This attitude towards wardrobe selection can really transform your life, and it is also a fun way to rediscover the clothes you already own.

  1. Donate your clothes

Doniranje zimske stare garderobeThis is an ideal opportunity to get rid of clothes you no longer wear, but you should be realistic in your assessment. While unpacking your closet and preparing it for the winter, make three piles: for donation, sale and what you plan to throw away

You should consider donating the clothes you haven’t worn for several seasons, and then those of slightly worse quality than what you are currently wearing. In addition to being a great way to provide extra space in your wardrobe for the colder period, you will do a nice thing for those who need warm clothes the most.

  1. Take care of your summer clothes

While selecting your soft and colorful winter clothing items, don’t forget about your summer wardrobe and proper storage and keeping. Before you start putting it away for the next season, check if there are any seams or holes on those garments that should be sewn.

Wash your summer clothes

Pranje letnje garderobe pre slaganja u ormar Tesla masina za pranje vesaAfter you remove your summer clothes from the wardrobe, you need to take these items to dry cleaning or machine wash them. Make sure to carefully separate sensitive items from others, as well as dark from light laundry, but also to select the appropriate washing mode for different types of fabric.

Once washed, your clothes will instantly smell fresh and look better and tidier.

Iron your summer clothes

Take the time to iron and hang each ironed item on a separate hanger. This will ensure that the freshly ironed wardrobe does not wrinkle and stays tidy inside your closet. We also advise you to replace wire hangers in favor of plastic or wooden ones.

Keep insects away from your summer clothes

Another reason why you should never store unwashed clothes, especially those made of cotton and wool, is that they attract moths and other insects. Our advice is to spray your clothes with cedar wood oil or simply place a few bags of dried lavender in your closet, because these scents will keep insects away.

Store your summer clothes

A very useful item for storing clothes which also saves a lot of space is a vacuum bag. When hermetically sealed, it provides good protection for your precious clothing items, not only from dust and moisture, but also from insects. This is especially important if you store your wardrobe in the basement, but our advice is, if possible, to choose storage places with low humidity, such as the attic or your own garage. 

  1. Keep your winter wardrobe fresh and clean

Održavajte zimsku garderobu svežom i čistomWhen the winter clothes are finally folded and prepared for the upcoming cold days, you should try to maintain their freshness and cleanliness throughout the winter. Tesla washing machines have a particularly gentle washing program for wool clothes, which prevents the laundry from crumpling thanks to longer breaks during the cycle. It is recommended to dry wool products horizontally, with a terry cloth underneath. If your wool clothes are crumpled, you don’t have to iron them; it is enough to wet them with water and hang for a while, or just hang them in a damp room.

While this may seem like an investment of too much energy and time at this moment, you can trust when we say that these steps will save valuable time when spring finally returns.

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