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Although the weather conditions do not indicate this at the moment, summer is approaching. 😊 We should think about the ways to cool down efficiently in the hot days ahead and which air conditioner to choose.

In his blog post, we will explain the basic principles of air conditioning and how to choose the best model for yourself.

The basic principles of air conditioning

Did you know that an air conditioner does not actually makes cold air, but manipulates heat? 😊

The air conditioner uses a gas called freon, used for various cooling purposes. The device draws in warm air and cools it through an evaporation process. Then the fan blows out the now cooled air into the room.

When the air conditioner cools, the freon absorbs heat from inside the room and releases it outside. When it heats up, this process is reversed.

What is a split system?

All modern air conditioners have a split system, which means that they consist of two separate parts – indoor and outdoor units. Both units have the function of evaporator and condenser, and the function changes depending on the operating mode. If the air conditioner cools the room, the indoor unit has the function of an evaporator, while the outdoor unit has the function of a condenser. When the room is heated, these units switch functions – the indoor one works as a condenser, while the outdoor one works as an evaporator.

Air conditioner selection parameters

The basic principles we need to pay attention to are often neglected while choosing an air conditioner. Those are:

  • Room size – a larger room requires a larger capacity air conditioner;
  • The area occupied by windows;
  • Number of sunny days during the year – avoid placing the outdoor unit in direct sunlight;
  • Energy class;
  • Thermal insulation.

What air conditioning capacity do you need?

BTU is a climate capacity unit. The abbreviation means “British thermal units.” It is estimated that an air conditioner with a capacity of 9000 BTU is sufficient for a room of 20 to 35 square meters. For a room of 35-60 square meters – you need air conditioning capacity of 12000 BTU. Those who have a home area of 60 to 80 square meters – require an air conditioner with a capacity of 18000 BTU. For rooms from 80 to 110 square meters, air conditioner with a capacity of 24000 BTU is recommended.


What are the energy classes of air conditioners and what do the COP and EER coefficients mean?

Energy class represents the ratio of obtained heat and electricity consumption. According to the European Union directive, devices that transfer more than 3.2W of heat in exchange for 1W of electricity consumption belong to energy class A.

The A-Class air conditioner is the best because it has the highest energy value. There are labels such as A +, A ++, A +++ classes which indicate that their energy efficiency is higher compared to A class and that thus, the savings in energy consumption are higher and the electricity bills are lower.

The COP coefficient represents the ratio of the emitted heat energy and the consumed electricity, while the EER coefficient represents the ratio of the emitted cooling energy and the consumed electricity. It is on the basis of these coefficients that energy classes are assigned.

The conclusion is clear – air conditioners consume a large amount of electricity if they do not belong to class A. Which means that, on a monthly basis, using class A air conditioners can save up to 500 RSD.

Which additional features are also important?

Besides the main parameters for choosing an air conditioner, it is important to pay attention to the additional functions that certain models provide you with.

From now on, you can even cool a specific part of the room thanks to the I FEEL function of Tesla air conditioners. In addition, after cooling or dehumidification, the Tesla air conditioner activates the Anti-Fungus function to prevent the growth of fungi and harmful bacteria and maintain a healthy and pleasant environment.

On hot summer days, you will surely use the Tesla air conditioner Turbo function, which activates fast cooling or increases the amount and speed of air flow, in order to reach the desired temperature. This feature will create ideal conditions in your home in the shortest possible time.

You don’t have to think about the optimal room temperature, the sensor inside the Tesla air conditioner remote control measures the temperature and activates the automatic program setting on the air conditioner. This feature offers a smart and stand-alone method of maintaining optimal room temperature.

The Tesla air conditioner even has the ability to monitor malfunctions, automatically identifying defective parts. After that, the display shows an error code, which makes maintenance more efficient and economical.

Thanks to the WIFI function, the Tesla air conditioner can be controlled via mobile phone or other smart devices, which gives you complete control and flexibility without the need to carry the remote control around.

Of course, on top of all that, the maximum economy of the air conditioner during cooling or heating is greatly important to us. How to ensure it?

The advanced one-way control system of Tesla air conditioners maintains the engine speed and adjusts the flow of the cooler in real time and in accordance with changes in the environment.

We hope that we have clarified all the doubts related to choosing the ideal air conditioner for your home. Now it’s time to choose the right one. 😊 See our offer here.

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