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There are lots of ways in which AC units can help us go through our day more comfortably and provide us with some great benefits. Apart from keeping the temperature optimal in any room or office space, these useful devices can also improve our sleep, reduce our stress levels, and improve our overall health. Let’s see how!

Breathe healthier air

Contemporary AC units usually have lots of additional filters, which can help with cleaning the air that is coming out of the device. In Tesla AC units, you can find features such as UV, HEPA, BIG or high-density filters, additional lysozyme or ionizer filters, and many other variations that help you breathe better quality air.

Apart from various filters, we’ve added a multitude of other options for the same purpose – such as Fresh air, self-cleaning or anti-fungus features, independent dehumidification, Hydrophilic Aluminum fins, and many others.

Better sleep

klima povoljno utiče na dobar sanApart from the obvious – you’ll sleep better in an environment that is perfectly cooled or heated to your preferences – Tesla AC units have options that are specially designed for nighttime, such as Night mode, Sleep mode, or Smart light sensor.

Less noise, less stress

Mute and Super mute modes, Super Quiet design, Low-noise airflow system – these are only some of the features that help keep your AC working as quietly as possible. Relax after a long day, take a nap, or simply enjoy a good book without your device constantly making noise and reminding you that it’s on!

Protecting the environment & your budget

klima utiče na Modern AC units are expected to adhere to certain eco standards, in order to be energy-efficient and help protect the environment. Tesla devices are eco-friendly, use energy-efficient refrigerants, and help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money!

All Tesla inverter ACs have heat pump systems – they use approximately 1 KW of electrical energy to produce more than 3,5 KW of heating/cooling energy. A heat pump uses a small amount of energy to transfer heat from one location to another. It works by compressing a refrigerant gas to raise its temperature, then releasing the compressed gas to transfer heat to another location.





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