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Microwave ovens are usually used only to heat up the food. However, if you haven’t already heard some of the advice below – you probably didn’t use it to its maximum potential.

Soften honey

If you have been submerging the honey jar into a hot water bowl, you already know how long and boring this process can be. The easiest way to soften honey is to put the jar into the microwave, and then heat it on a medium temperature for approximately 50 seconds.

Squeeze more lemon juice

If you put the lemon into a microwave for 20 seconds, it will be much easier to squeeze it afterwards, meaning – much more lemon juice.

Make your kitchen sponge last longer

Submerge a greased kitchen sponge into a mixture of water and vinegar, and then put in into the microwave set to a high temperature, for 60 seconds. This will clean and disinfect the sponge, making it ready for further use.

Cook some classic meals

You can prepare almost every cooking recipe using a microwave, but faster and easier. Simply take away ¾ of the time you need to prepare the dish in a traditional way, and get the food out two minutes before it is completely cooked.

Prepare some tasty potatoes

Wash and dry the potatoes, and poke a couple of holes in them using a fork. Then place them in a bowl so they are all equally exposed to the waves, set the microwave to 700W and leave them inside for 11-15 minutes.

Speed up the dough rising

Cut the whole hour of waiting to only 15 minutes. Put the dough into a large bowl and cover it with plastic, and place a glass with water in the back part of the microwave. Then put the dough in the center, set the temperature to the lowest possible one, and heat it up in the following manner: 3 minutes on, 3 minutes off, 3 minutes on, 6 minutes off.

Cook vegetables

Yes, it’s possible to prepare perfectly cooked vegetables without water. Simply place some vegetable in a bowl, cover it with plastic and set the microwave to the highest temperature. The cooking lasts from 30 seconds to 4 minutes, depending on the vegetables chosen.

Bake nuts and coconut

It is enough to heat nuts or coconut on a high temperature for about 2-3 minutes, occasionally stirring them up.

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