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You’ve probably heard the term “clean eating” many times, but do you know what it means?

Clean eating is primarily consuming foods such as fruits and vegetables, but also whole grains, animal and vegetable proteins, nuts, seeds and healthy fats in their natural form. Clean eating means a diet rich in foods that regenerate and improve health, rich in minerals and vitamins.

What you need to take into account is the amount of food intake. There are recommended daily amounts of nutrients that should be taken in order to have a healthy, balanced diet, necessary for maintaining weight and good health.

Here are 5 ways to practice clean eating in everyday life.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

sareno voce na stoluVegetables and fruits are undoubtedly among the healthiest foods in the world. They contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients that help fight inflammation, and protect cells from free radical damage. You can consume fruits and vegetables raw, in salads, smoothies, but also cooked and steamed. If it is not fresh ingredient season, you can use the frozen fruits and vegetables.

Read the labels

Reading labels should become a part of grocery shopping in every home. The labels contain numerous information about the product, as well as a list of ingredients it contains, and in what quantity. Since the ingredients are written according to the percentage of representation in the product, you can easily see which product contains the most of specific ingredients. For example, if sugar is the number one ingredient on the label, it means that there is more sugar than all the other ingredients in the product.

Cut out refined carbohydrates

krofna ugljeni hidratiProcessed sugars are closely related to obesity and many other health problems. What is important to know is that they are found in almost all industrially manufactured food products, not only in sweets. They are found in salty snacks, bread, pastries, pasta, dairy, and even meat products.

Say goodbye to processed foods

Avoid cookies, chocolates and other sweets, as well as snacks, fast food, burgers, pizzas, sausages and other processed meats. Therefore, you should avoid all processed foods, which, in addition to added sugar, also contain numerous other additives, such as artificial colors, flavors and flavor enhancers. All additives on product declarations are marked with the letter E.


Try to prepare your own meals as often as possible, because this is the best way to have control over the ingredients you eat. Think of cooking as an opportunity to supply your body with the nutrients you enjoy. Start with small, light, quick meals.


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