Classic AC - TA27FFLL-0932IA Energy-efficient technology

Technology in service of your desired air temperature! Choose Tesla inverter AC units, with eco refrigerants and a plenty of useful features.

Energy class A++/A+++
Capacity BTU 9000
Refrigerant type R32
Noise level 36 dB


The remote control can keep track of the temperature at its current location and send the signal to the air conditioner, so it can optimize the room temperature for your maximum comfort.


The air conditioner is able to monitor its operations and identify problematic or faulty parts. If they’re found, the system will switch off automatically, while the error code will be displayed on the indoor unit.

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The air conditioner will start the Anti-fungus feature after exiting cooling and dehumidifying mode. It helps prevent fungi and bacteria from spreading in order to maintain a healthy environment.

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Noise-minimizing design

With an optimized operating mechanism, sound insulating materials for compressor, low-noise fan motor a and ventilation structure that combines modern technology with aerodynamic design, this AC model minimizes noise levels while creating your perfect room temperature.

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Turbo mode

When the air conditioner goes into Turbo mode, it will maximize its cooling or heating capacity, making the room cooler or warmer rapidly.

Auto cleaning

When this feature is activated, the indoor unit starts operating in cooling mode with a low fan speed, while the condensed water cleans dust from the evaporator fins. The AC then switches to heating with low fan speed, drying the inside of the indoor unit. Finally, it turns to fan-only mode and blows away the rest of the moisture. The whole process keeps the indoor unit dry and prevents bacterial growth.

Technical Specifications

Energy class
Capacity BTU
Refrigerant type
Noise level
36 dB
Nominal cooling capacity (KW)
Nominal heating capacity (KW)
Annual consumption – cooling (kWh/a)
Annual consumption – heating (kWh/a)
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