TV Series 9 - 50S905BUS Intelligence, looks and fun!

It’s your brand-new entertainment box with a certified Android TV 9 OS. Tesla S905 has got it all: intelligence, looks and fun!

Resolution UHD
Smart OS Android TV
Color Black
Screen size 50
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Android TV

They say beauty will save the world; well, this tech beauty will surely save your world from boredom. With a certified Android TV 9 OS and Ultra HD panels, available in 43, 50, 55 and 65-inch screen sizes, Tesla S905 is your own epicenter of fun – only smarter and prettier! Enjoy a crystal-clear image and a variety of content on the big screen; connect it with other smart devices; explore its many entertainment options – after all, you’ve just found the TV of your dreams.

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A built-in Chromecast

This Tesla Series 9 TV is your proper entertainment box. Chromecast allows you to stream your favorite content – TV shows, music videos, movies, games – from other smart devices to the biggest screen in your home in just a few clicks. Using Chromecast, you can also control the TV from anywhere in the house: this is your new favorite remote, and best of all - it’s already personalized!

Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO GO

This Android TV is licensed and fully supports the official Android TV Netflix, HBO GO and Amazon Prime video applications. Enjoy your favorite streaming services on the big screen, with full voice and remote control, as well as 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision.

Bluetooth remote

Once you pair a Bluetooth remote with your TV, you can use the voice search and control the TV without even pointing directly at it! Switch the channels, stop the movie, or change the playlist from any room you happen to be in at the moment.

Bluetooth devices

Did you know you can connect a variety of Bluetooth devices to Tesla S905? Speakers, a mouse, a keyboard, a gamepad… Basically, anything you need. And headphones, of course - go crazy on the volume even when everyone else is asleep!

Google Play Store

Open the world of endless entertainment possibilities and get more value: with the preinstalled official Google Play Store, this Android TV has more than 4000 apps made for Android TV OS at your disposal.

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Google Assistant on Android TV

Have a question? Ask your big screen! Press the mic button on the remote, and do everything with your voice: find out traffic or weather information, play and pause favorite movies or TV shows, Google anything, or control any connected smart home device. It’s your Google Assistant.

Google Home integration

Your Tesla S905 is compatible with the whole Google ecosystem; this means you’ll be able to use Google products and apps you already love, including Google Home. Control any smart home device using the built-in Google Assistant: turn on the lights, turn down the heating, and much more.

Child protect

This is entertainment tailored to your every need, but also one that cares about protecting the little ones. Child protect options allow you to limit the contents available to children when they use Tesla TV.

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Easy initial setup with Google synchronization

You can easily setup your TV with a smartphone or a tablet, by synchronizing your Google account. This way, there is no need to re-enter credentials for WiFi, YouTube, Netflix and other apps: effortless entertainment easy like 1-2-3!

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Android TV remote control

Anyone can easily control their Tesla S905 using a smartphone or tablet. In fact, we have developed our own android app for this: all you need to do is connect your TV and a smart device to the same network, and you are two easy steps away from controlling the TV with your mobile device.

Expandable internal storage space

Need more space for apps and other content on your TV? Simply connect a USB drive that will act like an internal or removable storage unit to the Android TV.

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Vivid images

A 4K UHD screen with more than 8 million pixels brings the ultimate enjoyment to your TV watching experience. You’ll fall in love with the vivid colors: MPEG reduction automatically cleans the image, especially improving the content originally in a lower resolution.

Technical Specifications

Smart OS
Android TV
Screen size
Viewing angle
Audio power


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